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Muskoka Smoke Shop was founded on the principle that taking an idea or having curious and passionate thoughts of acquiring items for your lifestyle and home, not be met with disappointment. The products that we sell, have not merely been chosen to fill a need, we believe they should inspire our customers and bring a little happiness into their lives. Our products are not limited to smoking related specific items, but rather products for your home that provide comfort and wellness. Many of our products and goods have a story, some of which are where it was made, by who and why.Please note we do not sell tobacco such as cigarettes or cigars

We at Muskoka Smoke Shop focus on products that are made with higher standards, from artisans and craftsmen that take pride in their work. Additionally, as with so many items manufactured today overseas, we make discerning choices to select and sell only those items produced around the world that have demonstrated to us to be of very good quality. We at Muskoka Smoke Shop believe products that our customers purchase should always be met with great quality and great value. We carry some terrific brands such as Simply Indulgent Candles and Barefoot Venus bath products. Our Cannabis and smoking accessories include brands such as Vodka Glass, Grav, RAW, Tightpac, Zippo and many more. We hope you enjoy shopping at Muskoka Smoke Shop and we look forward to your business and return!

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